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The jet column method makes it possible to cast structural concrete in the soil without preceding excavation and shuttering. Height, radius, density and strength of the columns are factors that can easily be changed to make a well designed and economically satisfying column.

Different fields of use:
- Retaining wall (the columns are put side by side in a row)
- Foundation of buildings
- Reinforcement of old foundations
- Protection of builing pit (in stead of sheet piles)
- and many more
See Anvendelse for drawings.

Jetgrunn is the only company in Norway that executes jet columns. We have more than 25 years of experience and have done over 70 different projects involving jet columns in Norway, Sweden and the UK. The technology we use is mostly self-developed, which means that in many of the different techniques of the jet column method we are one of the leading companies in the world.

Jet columns can be used in all types of soil; from quick clay, silt and sand to coarse stone fillings.

A briefly description of the method:
The technique of jet columns involves a rotating high-pressured stream of fluid that breaks down the structure of the soil (erosion). Simultaneously, the soil is either replaced by an in-situ cast concrete (EC1-method) or mixed with grout (cement, water, admixtures and additives) to make a jet column of geo-concrete (J2-method).

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